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Regardless if you work in a shoe store, Rent a Car booth or an electronic department store,
queueing for service and payment is a structured way to do business.


Queue Management
Queue Management increases the value for both the consumer and the retail market itself. From initial contact to final service delivery.
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Where to use Q-Guide
The Q-Guide systems can be integrated into a number of applications, essentially anywhere with a queue.
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Q-Guide 200
The Q-Guide 200 is a fast, linear queuing system which is ideal for businesses with one queue served by up to three counters.
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Q-Guide 400
The Q-Guide 400 is a perfect solution for a queue where customers need advice or assistance with their purchases.
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Increase your sales

With Queue systems from Q-Guide you will increases the value for both the customer and the retail market itself.

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linear_queueIn the market it exist two ways for structured queuing – Linear and Virtual queuing. When you choose your first Queue system it is important that you know and understand the difference between and decide for correct queuing design.

Linear and Virtual queuing
virtual_queueIf you have decided that structure queueing is a benefit also for your company, then select Q-Guide and you receive a solution that includes all neccesary items and is both easy to install and easy to use.

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When we started we had the Nordic region as target market. Nowadays you can find Q-Guide in more countries and for every quarter we spread Q-Guide to new markets and new customer around the world.

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